In 1995, after several life-changing experiences, Dr. Jane Ilene Cohen began her NLP TimeLine counseling practice. When she began her practice, she took a stand on the principle that life is designed to work. It wasn’t a deliberate, conscious decision, but more of a soul-level decision.

When she took that stand, it felt as though she had walked through a portal in which a whole new way of perceiving reality had become available to her. She started tapping into a body of knowledge she hadn’t been aware of before. It was beyond what she had learned from NLP and all her other studies and life experiences. Jane has been tapping into and has been inspired by that body of knowledge ever since. That knowledge is the Life Is Designed to Work thought system she is teaching in this book.

Your Life Is Designed to Work shows you how to find a way forward regardless of your life’s circumstances. It gives you a way to understand your experiences so you can effectively move toward a life that increasingly works. Although this book has a spiritual foundation, it is grounded in your everyday life experiences. This is supported by exercises and guidelines to help you transform your experiences in your everyday life. This includes a step-by-step process for defusing your emotional triggers.

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