Title: Your Life Is Designed to Work

Author: Jane Ilene Cohen

Excerpt from Critics Report written by The BookLife Prize:


  • Plot/Idea: 9
  • Originality: 9
  • Prose: 10
  • Character/Execution: 9
  • Overall: 9.25

“Cohen’s book will speak to a specific group of people who are open-minded and willing to try alternative therapy methods. It is beautifully and clearly written with vivid metaphors, examples, anecdotes, and imagery. …This book is very helpful in giving clearly laid out plans for deconstructing one’s negative thought processes and self-reflection.

Cohen is well-read and eloquent; her prose flows easily, and the brief, anecdotal stories presented to the reader are vibrant and drop the reader momentarily into that world. …

Cohen’s book is uniquely informed through her personal experiences and education. … Many self-help books can ramble and be without a clear process to follow, but hers is built upon clear and simple scaffolding.”