NLP TimeLine Sessions

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

It is the study of the language of the mind — how our subjective experience is formed and how it can be changed. It works with the building blocks of how we form our experience.

Some of the many areas Dr. Jane works with are anxiety, depression, trauma, abandonment, anger, feeling stuck, spiritual crisis, negative patterns, relationship problems, smoking and weight issues, financial and career challenges.

In the NLP TimeLine sessions, Dr. Jane gets to the bottom of, and facilitates the clearing of, unconscious, childhood limiting decisions, such as “I’m not valuable,” “I’m not loveable,” “I’m not worthy of respect,” “People can’t be trusted,” and so on. These unconscious decisions are what hold in place negative patterns in your life (whatever isn’t working), such as dysfunctional relationships, financial problems, being taken advantage of in life, low self-esteem, anxiety, or depression.

NLP TimeLine is a Neuro Linguistic Programming process, and is a form of hypnotherapy, that enables clients to access the origins of their limiting decisions, in order to clear them. NLP TimeLine is structured in a very particular way, according to how the brain works and how memories are formed, making it a very fast and effective process.

Dr. Jane’s penetrating intuitive and empathic skills and the Life is Designed to Work thought system, combined with this powerful NLP TimeLine process, facilitate profound life changes. A significant limiting decision is usually cleared in each session.

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