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Jane Ilene Cohen

Jane Ilene Cohen, Ph.D. is an intuitive and transformational counselor, teacher, and published author. She is certified as an NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) master practitioner and was also certified in Time Line Therapy® and hypnotherapy—from Dr. Tad James. She holds a master’s degree in metaphysical science and a doctorate in transpersonal counseling. 

Jane has had a private counseling practice since 1995 in which she combines her empathic and intuitive counseling skills with the highly effective NLP TimeLine Process. Her NLP TimeLine sessions integrate her Life Is Designed to Work thought system with the Time Line Therapy® process developed by Dr. James. 

Jane is the founder of the Life Is Designed to Work thought system, founded the Conscious Healing Network, and was a master life teacher at the Panacea School of Life. She was also a relationship and spirituality expert panelist for the Living Consciously TV show for two years, which originated out of Denver, Colorado. 

Jane’s articles and poems have been published in The Light Connection, Vision Magazine, Awareness Magazine, San Diego Bride & Groom, SpiralMuse, EzineArticles.com, and Selfgrowth.com. They have also been published in The Heart of a Woman, The Heart of a Mother, The Heart of the Holidays, and The Heart of a Woman in Business, which are anthologies compiled by Sheryl Roush.

Jane Ilene Cohen’s Book, Your Life Is Designed to Work: A Psychological and Spiritual Guide, is available on Amazon:

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